Monday, August 1, 2011


Wow, haven't been around to update this much lately.  Since my last post...MONTHS ago...I got a job at the embassy!  I've been working hard which means I have less time to play.  It's a good thing though, I'm SO SO thankful that I am now gainfully employed once again. 

So, rather than tell all about what's been going on here for the last 4 months, I'll show you what we've been up to in pictures.  

We took a trip to Istanbul to meet friends! 

Istanbul is a pretty awesome city, so if you ever get the chance I would highly recommend the trip!  Of the places we've traveled so far, that is the one place I want to go to another time.

Matt surprised me with a trip to Venice for our 1st Anniversary.  So amazing!!  and I'm so lucky and spoiled :)

I met my parents in England, visited with family and then they came to Bulgaria with me for a week.

Matt had a birthday.  We went to a Bulgarian piano bar to celebrate.

My dear friend Shana came all the way to Bulgaria to visit us!!

and THEN we took off for Greece!  First we hit Santorini, which is just as beautiful as the pictures.  The place is absolutely amazing!  I will definitely need to go back with Matt one day!

Shana and I headed to Athens for the last part of our trip. 

And last but not least, we spent the 4th of July holiday on a Greek island closer to Bulgaria called Thassos.  The island and beaches were gorgeous.  Definitely a quaint, not quite so developed island.  A total 180 from Santorini but just as beautiful!

I think that about covers it.  Now, we are trying to enjoy what's left of summer.  I dread, dread the colder weather!!  Since we haven't had a "real" summer vacation together we are thinking of taking a long weekend somewhere.  Maybe to check out the Bulgarian Sea.  We'll see what happens.

Hope you all are well and enjoying a good ole American Summer!!