Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Question for Bloggers

Of the handful of people that actually follow this blog, I think there are a handful that are "bloggers" themselves.  This question is for you.  Do you ever get creeped out by all of your blog info being out there in cyberworld?  This blog is meant for my family and friends to keep up with our lives overseas and of course the friends we meet along the way as well.  Lately I've been questioning how "safe" the blogger world is?  Should I make the blog private?  I believe there is a way to do that?  I hesitate to put up pictures of our friends because what if they don't want to be in internet world?  Do you ask permission before posting pics?  I know, one of the blogs I follow (whom I "found" through a fellow blogger- which is part of the fun of blogging- meeting new people through others) doesn't show faces on her blog.  I think that is a good approach too.  I know people have different purposes for their blogs and so it may not be an issue for some.  Given our world today, it's just something that's been on my mind lately and I would love to hear your thoughts.  Dee:  since your my consistent commenter that puts a lot of pressure on you :)  hahaha.


I see that I haven't posted on here for a month, which seems to be my usual pattern....I have no pictures to share, mostly because I haven't taken any since Paris.  I'm back in Bulgaria after a 3 week solo stint in the US.  I had originally planned a brief 12 day trip to celebrate one of my BFF's wedding in Ohio.  At the last minute I bumped up my trip because my aunt had turned unexpectedly ill (I say unexpected even though she had been in the hospital for some time.)  She passed away before I got home.  So, in a last minute frenzy I made the flight home and was met by my mom at the airport and continued non-stop tour of the Eastern US for the next 3 weeks. I was in NC, Williamsburg, Ohio and DC. It was almost like a movie.  I had my aunt's funeral, the baptism of a dear friends baby, and the wedding celebration of one of my favorite friends!  I think I celebrated just about every huge milestone in life.  I got to spend tons of QT with family and got to see just about everyone of my dearest friends and many of their children too.  How awesome is that? And now, I'm exhausted.  Seriously.  Of course, I caught a cold on the freaking plane on my way back.  I didn't sleep a wink and excitedly arrived back in Sofia to my anxiously awaiting husband and then I promptly went to bed.  I am not even kidding, I arrived Friday afternoon and managed a quick power nap then we headed to a friends house for dinner.  I thought it would be a good distraction from sleep.  I went to bed around 1am and did not get out of the bed until 4pm the next day!!  I woke up to eat, lay on the couch and watch a couple movies and then it was back to bed.  Of course because of jet lag the only time I couldn't sleep was the very middle of the night.  Thankfully Matt found a hidden stash of Nyquil (it's not like you can find those kinds of meds here..)  I left the house for the first time today and that was just to go to the shop across the street.  Tomorrow I've decided that I'll officially re-enter the world.  I'm going to go back to my language class even though there are only 3 classes left and i'm sooooo far behind.  I'm giving myself this week to re-adjust and then next week should be interesting.  I'll have no language, no job, no schedule.  It'll be interesting to see how I'll occupy my time.  I probably need to scope out a new charitable organization that I can do something with/for.  I need to get our house in order since our first visitors will be coming in May (my parents) so maybe I'll spend my time doing that?  Like I said, should be interesting.  Adjusting back to Bulgarian life always seems difficult to me for some reason.  I guess the good news is I shouldn't have to do that again for some time.   And I guess I'm also blessed to have the time to be bored or figure out what to do with my time.  Some people aren't as fortunate. 

That's all for now.  I'll be back soon with some fun pictures and stories once I've re-adjusted.  Ohhh, and my lovely better half has planned a "surprise" trip for our one year anniversary next month!  He says I wont know until we get to the airport where we are going.  How fun!  I love surprises but usually once I know there is one in the works I stop at nothing to find out what it is.  I'm actually surprised by myself that I'm patiently going with the flow on this one (I have asked a fewwww questions....)

Hope you are well.