Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Question for Bloggers

Of the handful of people that actually follow this blog, I think there are a handful that are "bloggers" themselves.  This question is for you.  Do you ever get creeped out by all of your blog info being out there in cyberworld?  This blog is meant for my family and friends to keep up with our lives overseas and of course the friends we meet along the way as well.  Lately I've been questioning how "safe" the blogger world is?  Should I make the blog private?  I believe there is a way to do that?  I hesitate to put up pictures of our friends because what if they don't want to be in internet world?  Do you ask permission before posting pics?  I know, one of the blogs I follow (whom I "found" through a fellow blogger- which is part of the fun of blogging- meeting new people through others) doesn't show faces on her blog.  I think that is a good approach too.  I know people have different purposes for their blogs and so it may not be an issue for some.  Given our world today, it's just something that's been on my mind lately and I would love to hear your thoughts.  Dee:  since your my consistent commenter that puts a lot of pressure on you :)  hahaha.


  1. This question haunts me as well. Sometimes I think "hmm...what if someone chopped off my head from one of my pictures, and puts is on a naked body?". Now, granted, who would want to do that? BUT...they could! And as far as my friends go...I haven't asked for their permission to show their faces. And for that reason, I don't post faces. I just can't bring myself to "expose" my friends like that. So many bloggers do, and I love it! I love to see faces :) But I just don't do it myself.

    I have thought about removing the "blur/box" from my face. Because by this point I have shown my face enough that people can find out who I am if they are dying to. And I don't say anything mean or sketchy on my blog. When I started I was online dating and wanted to keep my secret an identity b/c I was talking about my dates. Grated, I gave them silly names...not real ones...but still.

    I have completely just rambled and not helped you at all. I'm sure. But, I wanted to share my thoughts anyway ;)

  2. I really took my lead into this world from my college friend Casey from the Starnes Family. She uses their first and last names but does ask permission when putting people's kids on the blog.
    I think most people are cool about it as long as you don't use their first and last name.
    I know a lot of people who have gone private it's just not what I choose to do right now.

  3. Thanks Ladies for your comments, its helpful to hear other peoples perspectives. And I'm the same, I just LOVE photos too!!