Friday, October 29, 2010

The Not So Movie Star

So as many of you know, one of our most exciting adventures in Bulgaria thus far was that I tried out for a movie and actually got a part.  The move is called Spiders 3D.  I was given the part entitled "Old Lady" and my ONE line was "Are you ok?"  (I was to shout this to the lead actress.)  To make it even more exciting I would actually be paid for my time as well!  I signed a contract and all.

There is a movie studio here in Bulgaria that films all sorts of movies- Bulgarian, Italian, American.  I think Val Kilmer has done some shooting here, Donald Sutherland and I even want to say Christian Slater.

I went to the Studio to audition, sign my contract and do a wardrobe fitting.  The whole experience was quite hysterical.  So last Saturday was my "filming day."  My car arrived to pick me up at about 8:30am and we headed for the set which was a Bulgarian Business Park that had been re-done to look like a New York City Street.  As you'll see from the pictures, they had American cars, signs, etc.  I'll be very interested to see the movie when it is released next year just to see if I recognize some of the stuff.

So upon arrival to the set I was taken to my "trailer" which was basically a trailer divided into 3 "rooms." One for each American that was filming that day.  I met the other 2 American dudes that would be filming that day as well.  The only other folks with their own trailers were the lead actress Christa Campbell and Patrick Muldoon.  Note:  for any former Days of Our Lives fans, "Pat" was the former Austin on the soap opera.  How funny is that?

We were told to immediately change into our wardrobe so that the wardrobe folks could approve our outfits and then we would head to hair and makeup.  We sat around for a long while then eventually went to make up.  Then we sat and we sat and we sat.  Eventually one of the Assistant Directors came and got us for lunch.  This was the first time we walked through the set.  We were amazed.  A whole army had been trying to get this movie together while we were sitting in our trailers that were heated and stocked with food and drink.  When we walked into the place where lunch was served, it was dead.  That's because the only people served food ahead of us were the 2 stars of the film.  After we were served we noticed that the rest of the crew were being led into eat.  How funny is that?

After lunch we were told that they were having some troubles with the 3D cameras and we were asked if we were able to come back the next day.  I, of course, immediately said I was available- this would mean two whole days of pay!  Wooohooo for me!  So, we continued to wait.  There was a catering cart on set that we could visit free of charge.  On a coffee run we noticed they had beer in there.  So around 3 o'clock we went and helped ourselves to beers.  After our first round we still had no word on the filming schedule so we helped ourselves to two more beers.  At this point, one of the ADs came and told the guys they would be filming their scene.  I asked if I could tag along.  Mind you, I was supposed to be wearing a suit for my scene.  I had on my suit shirt (untucked), suit pants, my uggs, and a puffy coat.  I followed them down to set where everyone started frantically asking me where the rest of the outfit was.  I said that I hadn't realized I would be filming and they said "no no, you must have your outfit."  So an AD rushed me back to my trailer to get my suit jacket and heels.  We proceeded to sit around for a very long time where people were constantly asking us if we needed chairs, coffees, snacks, etc.  We were just in awe of the entire filming production and forgot that, to them, we were VIPs.  hahaha.

The guys ended up filming their scene, I wasn't able to film mine before they "called it a wrap" for the day.  I received a call today that because of the filming schedule my scene had been  Kinda makes for a lack luster ending but the whole experience was hysterical AND I still get paid!

Below are some pictures that one of the guys shared with me. When they were filming I took over the camera and tried to capture as much as possible. 

I love this one.  The cop cars had "NYCP"  versus "NYPD"-  guess you probably have to pay for the rights to NYPD.
If you look closely the sign reads "welcome to New York"
 They even had american cars with pretend NY state license plates
A New York City Street also known as a Bulgarian business park.

 The above makes me laugh because they are american trashcans and mail boxes next to the Bulgarian trash can.

 My trailer- I like how they changed me from "old lady" to "Woman"
 Oh, if you look closely you'll notice my coffee.  Even regular coffee is served like a shot of espresso.  I need like 10 of them to feel like I've had a "real" cup of coffee!
 Inside of the trailer
 The stars taping an action shot, running across the street
 This one is really funny.  As they were filming, they realized there was a bulgarian sign in the camera shot (if that's the right word?)  A man literally shimmied up the pole to try and remove the sign.  Ultimately, they ended up just turning the sign in a different direction
Front shot of the Bulgarian sign (I, of course, have no idea what it says!)

That's about all.  While it turns out I wont be in a movie, the whole thing is pretty funny.  I think that next time they are "looking" for extras I will probably try out again.  Makes for too good of a story not to try-right?

Hope you guys are all well!

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  1. LOVE THIS! I'm going to give you a shout out on my blog today! Had to wait to make sure you really were going to blog :) Again, my other friend who moved to Germany did one post and that's it.