Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas from Bulgaria

So I have been super duper MIA from this blog and it kinda makes me sad.  So get ready for a super duper post, I hope now that we finally have the ability to upload photos I can keep up a bit better. 

We've had an eventful couple of months.  We (well, I) had a fantastic visit back in the states!  I had three weeks of friends, family, shopping, an awesome bachelorette weekend for one of my most favorite of people, and a great Thanksgiving with both my family and Matt's family.  Poor Matt worked a TON for two solid weeks and then got sick on his one week off.  I think he still had a nice time being back in the states.  And was back to reality and back to Bulgaria.  We literally were silent on the cab ride from the airport.  The good news is, our shipment of our household items arrived the day after we arrived home so I was busy unpacking and organizing.  Usually this is soothing and calming for me (as many of you know, if I'm stressed you can find me organizing my closet ;))  but settling back into our life here was surprisingly hard for me.  Which I'm sure wasn't pleasant for Matt (actually, I know it wasn't.)  We got back and nothing.was.easy.  at all.  Our cat was sick and crying non-stop, our internet was out, and I was so irritated that I can't drive or speak the language in this place. 

But, since then all that has passed and the kitty seems to have recovered and we have been busy decking the halls.  During my "bad week," as I like to call it, I was also super bummed about our Christmas plans.  Meaning we have none except to stay here in Bulgaria.  Matt had a totally different perspective of how our Christmas would be and he pulled me out of my rut on that one too. 

So anyway, without further ado FINALLY here are some pictures that prove that we really are living in Bulgaria :) 

 A Bulgarian street shot.
 Some Bulgarian Christmas decor, haven't seen it all lit up yet (they decorate very late here)
 I used to know what this monument was dedicated to, but I can't remember.  This is basically right in the city center and across from the iconic Cathedral pictured below.
 Side shot of the Cathedral.
 I'm so proud of this picture, not sure why since you can't even really see the pretty gold rotunda thingys on the roof
 Always pumped for a photo op...
 This is a markets across the cathedral.  They have a ton of icons and other 'authentic' Bulgarian goods.  I come here when I need something Bulgarian for a gift (or for me.)
Another shot of the market with the Cathedral in the background

Another downtown shot.  I had my first Bulgarian sushi experience on the corner here.  There's a place called Happy Sushi which makes me chuckle.  I experienced my first sushi roll with fried chicken inside.  It was actually delicious, I would consider it sushi, but still delish all in the same.

The Russian Church.  I think this is definitely my favorite church in Sofia.  I'll have to go inside and check it out soon.

Just another street

I don't know, but I had to capture it.  I don't think this would really be considered a gypsy, maybe just a guy rolling his boxes to the trash bin...not sure..

A street dog.  He had a buddy following behind him who looked injured.  The dog situation is getting really sad this time of year.  They are so cold and hungry.  I think the dogs on my street are plain angry.  I've been barked at much more than normal.  I hear that a lot of the dogs wont survive the winter (not surprisingly) but still awful.

Ok, this one is a good view of traffic in Bulgaria.  The car in front of us is literally stopped in the middle of a traffic lane with his hazards on.  Bulgarians don't use hazards just for emergencies.  They use them to signal to you that they are stopping, for whatever reason.  There's a mall to the right of us and I decided that this man had dropped his wife off to do some Christmas shopping and was sitting here waiting for the middle of the road.  The other car of course is trying to make a left hand turn in the middle of stopped traffic.  It's a wonder the have such road rage here.  Since we've been back I've seen two vehicle altercations where people literally get out of their cars.  Each time I am waiting for a fist fight to begin but it never does. 

And here is our little Christmas tree. 

Had to add a little Eastern European-ness to our Christmas decor...some festive matryoska dolls.

We have been a little bummed that we don't have a fireplace here so Matt downloaded one for us for our tv.  ha!  P.S.  Can you see the Command Center to the right of the TV?  It takes a lot of cables and cords to run this operation here!

Matt's mom sent us his most favorite Christmas ornament ever, he says his family has had it for as long as he can remember. He was so pumped when we received it in the mail today.  I asked him about the gold garland.  He told me this is a recent addition to the ornament.  He said that he added it maybe around high school time because he really wanted to highlight the monkey on the tree. ha.  
This picture was taken forever ago but I wanted to show you our itty bitty little elevator.  This elevator is why I always take the stairs when I am alone.

And as for me, this is what I have been up to lately.  Seriously.  I have been knitting.  I was invited to a "Stitch and Bitch" gathering last week and have busily been knitting away ever since.  I probably logged 4 solid hours of knitting this weekend (between tv and football time) and this is how far I've gotten.  Also, there's a huge hole in the middle of my knitting.  But I'm proud of my little project and dare to say that I may even order myself some tools and yarn online.  You better watch out, next Christmas it might be scarfs and hats galore over here :)
So that was a lot.  This week is a busy week and I am praying HARD for a white Christmas, although it looks like I may not be in luck.  I'm headed for my first Bulgarian hair appointment, we are headed to the Nutcracker one night this week and then we are hosting a Christmas Eve party at our place.   Hope you guys are enjoying a wonderful holiday season!  We miss you all dearly!!

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  1. YAY!!! I'm so excited you can upload pictures now! I would love to see more of your place..inside and out. I thought of you guys last night when watching the news about all the winter weather in Europe. I know you guys were suppose to spend Christmas traveling and didn't know if it would happen. Just think of it this way -- new experiences!! Keep this blog up and your kids will be able to read about it like a diary in the future!! Merry Christmas and send me your address via FB! xoxo,Dee and Brad