Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm Baaack

For the 2.5 people that read this blog, I'm back!  I'm out of winter hibernation, the weather is warming up and things are good here in Sofia!  We have a four day weekend here for Orthodox Easter and our enjoying time in town, relaxing and catching up on things!  I.e. Blogging :)

So what have we been up to lately? 

We went home for some R&R over the holidays.  We met up with friends in DC for New Year's.  Matt and I then went down to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl.  Virginia Tech (my Alma mater) vs. Michigan (Matt's college team, since he went to a small school in Michigan with no football team.)  I'm still hearing about the Virginia Tech loss.  I have zero pictures because after our NYE festivities my camera was temporarily lost (one of our friends put my camera in their jacket and didn't discover it for 3 days....)  Anyway, we really enjoyed our time in the states, had our fill of yummy American food, family and friends!

Winter was quiet here in Sofia.  It snowed A LOT!  Probably more than the big snow in DC a few years ago.  The only difference, everything carries on as usual!  I think we MAYBE got a 1 or 2 hour early release one day and work started 30 minutes late one day.  Luckily we don't live up in the mountains like many folks.  It sounds like their daily commutes were quite adventurous. There was snow on the ground when we arrived back form the states in early January and it didn't melt until mid March.  The mountain is still covered in snow. So, I was too busy trying to stay warm and never took any photos.  I have seriously never been so cold in my life.  Nuts.

Moving along, it's finally starting to get Spring-like here in town and we are loving it!  I've been "jogging" in our local park which is nice and refreshing and last weekend we purchased ourselves some tennis rackets.  It's been sort of rainy here so we try to hit the courts in between showers.  ha! 

We also met up with my old roommate and her husband in Istanbul for St. Patricks day weekend (kinda weird being in a Muslim country on an Irish Drinking holiday.) Also crazy that we were able to meet up half way around the world in Turkey!! We did hit several pubs...they were all teeny tiny but managed to get our compulsory St. Patty's day Guinness!

Other than that we are trying to savor our last few months in Bulgaria.  I'm beginning to prepare for our move as well make a list of everything that I want to see/do/buy before I leave this country.  We have a hefty list, but I think we'll get it all done!  More on that later...

Hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later~


  1. YAY!! Where are ya'll moving? I can't believe ya'll have been over there for a year and 1/2 now!
    BTW - I have that some NorthFace vest :-)
    You look great girl!
    We need to catch up!

  2. Who counts as the .5 person that reads this? :) Keep it seeing your pretty face!

  3. Looks like you had an incredible time! Oh man I am itching to travel :)