Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Italy Part IV- The Amalfi Coast

Shew, it's been a rough week here in Bulgaria!  Nothing to write home about, just some annoying frustrations...sooooo, what a perfect, rainy yucky day to re-visit my Amalfi Coast photos. 

So after we spent the day at Pompeii we headed for the cute little coastal town of Positano.  I have to warn you that there aren't ANY pictures of the drive because the roads are literally the windiest, scariest things I have ever been on.  Completely unbelievable.  Once we found our hotel (thankfully without getting lost at all!)  we were so happy to partake in our first glass of wine.  We rented an ADORABLE little apartment overlooking the sea.

Because we did Pompeii this meant we only had one full day to explore Positano.  This one day just so happened to be the day that our friend's niece who is studying abroad in Florence also happened to be there.  So we woke up, enjoyed breakfast on our balcony and then explored the adorable little windy paths filled with cute shops on our way to meet up with our friends niece.  We then had a loooong lunch filled with some delish italian beers. 

See that little guy above?  He literally had me in tears!!  When we walked to the beach there was this little guy and a bigger guy in a standoff.  Our friend was like, those dogs are about to fight.  There were a bunch of american study abroaders on the beach...the dogs started fighting (my eyes were closed as I was yelling for someone to make them stop) and the DUMB STUPID F&*(@^*( AMERICAN KIDS were EGGING the dogs on!!!!  I wanted to BEAT THEM!!  The dogs stopped, the big dog ran away and the little dog limped off :( :(  The little guy kept laying on peoples beach blankets.  What to do?  It's not like there's a vet's office close's probably an hour away.  The weird thing is the dogs had collars.  I guess they are like "village" dogs and the restaurants take care of them.  Long story longer, I LOVED this little guy.  He was like a little midget dog.  I dont think he was a puppy.  Matt is dying to get a dog (to which I refuse all the time) so I told him if he could figure out a way to get THIS dog to Bulgaria, he could be ours!  Sadly, this little one stayed in Positano :(

Overall, I'm so glad we stopped in.  I'd love to go back and check out Capri and all the Grottoes around.  Maybe when it's a bit warmer too.  Delicious food, adorable town!

Oh and to end things off, above is a photo I took of Mt. Vesuvius from the car.  This was the best shot/view we could catch.  Next, we had back to Rome for one more day and a half.  Stay tuned for what's next....

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  1. I want to go! This is where I would have loved to go for our honeymoon :) Reminds me of Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun :-)
    Poor pooch.. he's a cutie