Monday, June 18, 2012

Last but not least!!

So I'm way behind on our last day of Italy trip, probably because I've been busy vacationing.  Our friend Dan came to visit us for nearly 2 weeks and we did A LOT of traveling!  We did a major trip around Bulgaria and Istanbul. More to come on that. 

So without further ado let's finish up Italy so we can move on.  On our final couple of days back in Rome, it was just me and Matt again.  We hit up the Pantheon, which was one of THE coolest places to me.  It's SO intact after 1000 years (this may not be all THAT accurate, my history isn't stellar ;))

We hit some of the gorgeous plazas

And on our final day we took in the Collosseum and The!

The Forum:

Matt took this picture at our apartment house, I kept joking that we should get a painting like this to hang about our mantle.  I know, I know...sooo mature ;)

Up next, a recap of our road trip and news on our upcoming move!

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