Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's next???

So we are closing out our tour here in Sofia this summer and getting ready for our next adventure.  I seriously can't believe that we prepared for so long to move here and now it's coming to an end.  Just this week I have MAJOR mixed emotions about our move.  For one, I'm not really THAT excited for our next country and 2) I'm used to living here, I have (in all honesty) the best job I've ever had.  BUT, at the same time, because everyone else has started to leave the embassy for good I have the fear of missing out and am ready to go.  I think everyone else's "short-timer syndrome" is rubbing off on me! 

Anywho, as you probably already know, we are moving here, in September:

See, it's JUST next door to Bulgaria.  We will literally pack up the car(s) and leave work on a Friday and start at our new Embassy the following Monday.  That's so weird to me for some reason.  On a positive note, I got a job!  I interviewed for three different positions and was offered the job as the Secretary in the Political Office.  Of course they don't call it secretary, it's some other more "glamorous" name but let's just call a spade a spade.  I think it was the best job out of the 3 and I think I'll have the chance to do some really interesting things.  I'm just NOT used to being chained to a desk....which is sort of the point to a secretary-right?  I know I sound really negative, I guess that's where I am at this point in time.  I know it'll be fine, and it'll be an adventure, and we'll get used to it.

 Oh, Matt just returned from a trip to Skopje and he was able to see our new HOUSE!  So that's fun.  We were assigned to a house and Matt said it's BIG.  Keep in mind, we are used to apartments so any type of house would be big for us.  So that's exciting.  We'll have a house and a little yard.

So that's where we are at for now.  Finishing up our time in Bulgaria, preparing for our move.  We are having a Summer Soiree at our place this weekend so I'm trying to come up with some fun appetizers.  Next week we have the 4th of July party at the embassy (our biggest event of the year) and then next week is my birthday day.  My lovely husband has planned a mexican fiesta for me (my only request for my birthday!)  I'm looking forward to hanging out with friends and stuffing my face with mexican food, which I've been craving like crazy lately!  Luckily I had a dinner with some girlfriends last night and they were all craving mexican food as well.  Since we dont have any mexican restaurants here, we'll all join forces and create a feast together.  Yum!!

 Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July (one of my most favorite holidays!)  

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  1. It's my favorite holiday too! We'll be finding out the gender of our baby then! Stay tuned!!
    Glad you found a job and that you're getting a house!